Have You Put Wrong Fuel In Your Vehicle?

24/7 Wrong Fuel Drain Service In Merseyside

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Professional Wrong Fuel Assistance In Merseyside


Do you need a fuel drain in Merseyside? Shout our name on the road, and we can assist you if you have mistakenly put wrong fuel in car and stuck on the highway. No need to shout too loud. We’re just a phone call away! We have the facilities, expertise, and friendly team of professionals to present the wrong fuel draining services all over Merseyside. Either it’s Liverpool or Crosby, we can manage to help you within 30minutes and get your car back on the road in an hour. Our quality service can get you to relax, and you can drive again after we finished.

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Our Fuel Drain Services in Merseyside

Petrol in diesel


Are you looking for the wrong fuel drain companies in Merseyside? You are not alone here. It's a really common mistake which people normally make in the UK. If your car tank is contaminated with the wrong fuel or water. Call our qualified local Merseyside fuel drain professionals, and they can give you with a 24/7 wrong fuel drain service to the entirety of Merseyside.

Diesel in Petrol


Are you panicked because you put diesel in petrol by mistake? Call us! Our local Merseyside specialists will reach you for emergency services to prevent more severe damages. We have been doing the work of draining petrol in diesel cars in Merseyside for many years. You can rely on Wrong Fuel Master for a full recovery.

Adblue in Fuel Tank


If your fuel tank is contaminated with AdBlue in Merseyside or its surrounding areas, it must be washed and cleaned professionally. It's not too late to realize that you have put Adblue in you Fuel Tank Call us and our local Merseyside team can work in petrol stations as well as on the road to handle any misfuel situation.

24/7 Wrong Fuel Drain Service In Merseyside

We Will Fix Your Vehicle While You Wait

Our Services In Merseyside


FR Fuel Removal

People usually send us in Merseyside such as Can you fix my AUDI?, Do you have the experience of Mazda? How long do you take to solve the issue if I am in Liverpool?, Can you drain oil from my Mercedes E-Classe?. Even people ask about the motorcycle. We can answer every question.

RF Re-Fueling

Do you know? We are open even out of hours for refuelling. Recently, in the Knowsley, we have performed the refuelling for famous brands such as AUDI, BMW, KIA, JAGUAR, MAZDA, MINI, NISSAN, SEAT, SUZUKI, HONDA and TOYOTA.

FD Fuel Disposal

As you know that Petrol is gas and it can be dangerous to dispose of Petrol. Safety is really vital during incorrect fuel removal. Our company has been providing services for many years, and we did not have a single incident of fire or flame.

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In Merseyside, we are really active.

‘On the highway, a mother was taking her daughter for dancing class, and suddenly her car stopped on the main highway. Her daughter started crying, and she got really confused. She reached us via phone and said I have put the wrong fuel in my car and please help me. We provided her managed service on a single call. She was well satisfied with our co-operation.’

‘A young athlete called us from Cemetery Road for our help. He accidentally put the Petrol in Mercedes-Benz C220d. Luckily, it was not his first time. He searched on internet for Wrong fuel Master. We assisted him immediately and he arrived at ground on time.’